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About Jeff Hodges

I'm Jeff Hodges.

I can be emailed and IM'ed (through GTalk) at

I am @jmhodges on Twitter, and jmhodges on Github.

I do this thing friends call the "owl eye thing". I can put one eyelid down while keeping the other eyelid all the way up and scan the room. I hear it's pretty freaky looking.

Encyclopedia Brown was one of my favorite series of books as a kid.

I'm up in San Francisco now and I love it.

I wrote some code that I like. I hope to write more.

In college, I majored in physics and had planned to go into quantum computation and quantum information theory but the quick fix I was getting from writing code turned into a life long addiction.

Plus, you know, money.

I want a large dog, but I got some time before that will happen.