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A Story About a Photograph

Jacob and I shipped Forward Secrecy at Twitter. A little while later, the New York Times asked to take some photos of the two of us for the couple of pieces they were writing about what Twitter and other companies were doing in response to the Snowden revelations.

When the photographer came, he asked us to work next to each other in a way that “didn’t look too fake”. Alright, authenticity is important, so Jacob and I started poking at this DH parameter thing we’d been meaning to investigate.

Ten minutes later, the photographer says “alright, we’re done over here. Let’s go to the next spot.” But we don’t look up, and Jacob says “wait, one more run” while I give a distracted “one minute” wave.

I think it was real enough for him.

Two engineers on a roof deck in front of a keyboard. One bites his lip in concentration with hands on the keyboard while the other points at the laptop's screen

I kind of like the shot better in greyscale. Credit to Noah Berger for the shot.